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Unorthodox Bakebox

Kirsty studied at cookery college for 3 years, working hard to perfect her unique baking style.

She believes there’s no greater joy in this world than feeding and being fed and
wanted to sprinkle a little joy on a tricky year. She
felt 2020 was the perfect time to pursue
her p
assion of all things sweet and share her incredible creations with the world
and so...

Unorthodox Bake Box was born!

Unorthodox Bake Box’s main ingredients are passion, laughter and those 90s classics that
accompany every bake. With over 15 years’ industry experience, working
both back and front of house, there’s no stone unturned when it comes to creating delicious
bakes for anyone to enjoy. With gluten free and vegan options available, Kirsty works
hard to make her delectable desserts accessible to all.

Kirsty would like to thank every one of her customers who help to support her small local
business, meaning she can follow her dream and share a little
unorthodox love, one Unorthodox Bake Box at a time.


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